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Accounts By Simply – Limited Company Accounting

Expert Accountant for Small-to-medium Enterprises

Our Bespoke Accountant for Limited Company Services in the UK

Whether you’ve recently launched your limited company or just need a hand with your limited company finances, engaging an accountant could be the best thing you ever do, especially during the early days of operating your limited company.

Keeping on top of your company’s tax and finance affairs is challenging and stressful, to say the least unless you have previous finance experience. Accounting can take precious time away from the everyday running of your private limited company. On top of this your accountant can provide strategic tax planning and help you grow your business.

Benefits of Using A Small Business Accountant

Wondering if you need an accountant for your Limited Company? You very well might – your business could indeed benefit from powerful, intuitive bookkeeping and software. Our accounting for limited company services is second-to-none.

Numerous business owners hire professional accountants to assist with the initial set-up process and supervise their company’s ongoing accounting affairs and tax.

Do I Need an Accountant for My Small Business?

When you google, “Do I need an accountant for my limited company” or “do you need a chartered accountant for a limited company”, the web will inundate you with mixed answers.

However, we know how challenging it is to run your own business. So, why not let Accounts by Simply manage your accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and payroll requirements?

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What’s a Limited Company?

A limited company is a type of business structure in which the company has its own legitimate identity, detached from its shareholders (owners) and directors (managers).

If a company has just one person involved, and this individual is the sole director and only shareholder, the company is still deemed a separate legal entity.

Our Limited Company Accountant Services

Dreaming of more hours in the day to concentrate on your business and the things you enjoy? Engaging an Accounts By Simply chartered accountant to handle your day-to-day company finances is like releasing a genie from a bottle. Better yet, there’s scope for more than three wishes – we offer numerous services to lessen the financial headache.

Limited company formation/company registration: Ready to tell the world about your stellar business idea? Firstly, you need to register your UK company with Companies House, which involves selecting a business structure and defining how it’ll operate. To make your life easier, one of our friendly accountants can register your business with Companies House, so there’s less to do in the early stages of setting up your new business. We can even advise you on your new tax liability and speak to HMRC to register you for Corporation Tax, VAT, and payroll (employers only).

If you’d prefer to register your company yourself, here are some quick steps on how to do so:

Our How to Register a Company in the UK

  • Register your UK company name
  • Choose a company address
  • Pick a SIC code
  • Select a director
  • Pick a business structure
  • Choose Persons of Significant Control or shareholders
  • Sign a statement of compliance
  • Pay a company formation fee

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Payroll, employers summary/tax & NIC monthly: Payroll is usually taken care of in-house in a large company. For smaller companies, it’s best to outsource to a payroll accountant. Because, let’s face it, as a business owner, you don’t want to spend each month sinking in HMRC paperwork and income tax calculations, right? Happily, you can engage a company tax accountant to take the work off your shoulders.

Enquire about Our Payroll Services

Employer payment summary: As an employer, it’s your responsibility to submit an employer payment summary (EPS) to tell the fine folk at HMRC about any returns you weren’t able to include in your full payment summary (FPS). To work out what should be payable, HMRC will then offset the values recoverable against the amount owed from the FPS. You need to send your EPS to HMRC before the 19th of the month to be offset against the payment due for the previous tax month. This can be a time-consuming process for anyone in business. Fortunately, we can show you how and provide ongoing guidance on specific problems, or carry out your payroll on your behalf.

Tax returns: Your dedicated accountant will prepare your corporate tax return for you and work out how much corporation tax you owe. We’ll also offer timely reminders so that you know when your payment is due.

Enquire about Our Employer and Tax Return Services

VAT services: VAT – do these three letters send quivers down your spine? You’re not the only one. VAT is particularly perplexing, as rules are continuously changing. One of our VAT accountants will guide you through your company’s VAT obligations and navigate you down the right payment scheme to ensure you never overpay. Not only this, but our specialist bookkeepers also make light work of your quarterly VAT returns, so you’re never faced with a sudden penalty.

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Bookkeeping services: Our accountant charges for a limited company are more than worth the investment – they’ll no doubt maximise your profits during prosperous periods and likely save you money in the long run. Bookkeeping is yet another laborious and mundane yet critical task for any limited company. While recording every invoice or receipt may feel like hard work, this has to be done, as the last thing you want is missing paperwork and HMRC knocking on your door. Happily, though, our accountants here at Accounts by Simply are meticulous creatures – they can manage your bookkeeping with the highest efficiency leaving you with more time and fewer headaches.

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How We Can Help

Your limited company or small business deserves to thrive, and it will. You just need to engage the right accountant, so you’re confident about your finances and the success of your business.

  • Time-saving. Engaging an accountant for your limited company means less time spent fiddling around with paperwork and spreadsheet surfing, not to mention the monetary cost.
  • Peace of mind. You can rest assured your finances are in safe hands and that you won’t struggle with legislations, regulations, and rules.
  • Cost-saving. Our expert accountants will save you money in terms of fines, purchasing accounting software, possible tax efficacies, and training.
  • Cutting-edge finance software. All our staff are trained in cloud software, making bookkeeping an effortless affair. That means less paperwork and more headspace.

We understand that not everyone is as elated as we are about accounting, so we cut across the verbiage and strive to remove the headache associated with accomplishing your accounting responsibilities. We take care of your company finances as if they were our own and are hands-on in finding effective and compliant ways to save you money.